What separates us from others out there?

The main thing is the how and why we shoot weddings. As photojournalists, we’re completely attuned to telling your story, both an image at a time as well as the entire collection of your day’s images. We want you to feel like the story is ALL THERE, and why all packages include unlimited digital shooting and an average of 1200 jpgs to keep!

Even though we’re photojournalists, we strive to capture each image with emotion and beauty. We’re known for our super-saturated black and whites, bursting color, and unique and sometimes unexpected style, and how much we care about our work and our clients.

Our eyes are attuned to emotions, not just of you and your fiance, but of your friends and families and their reactions, joy, hugs and tears. We’ve been called Ninja photographers, always there, but not often seen. And we firmly believe in letting the day’s events unfold naturally.

Plus, we’re helpful, friendly, laid back types that will gladly put down a camera if you need us, help you relax while you get ready, smile when you come down the aisle. That certainly helps!

Do you offer engagement sessions?

Included for all our couples! We do ask that we schedule them at least three months before your wedding, and that we stay within a 20-minute drive of our studio. We can easily go outside that area for a small fee.

How much do you cost?

Kelvin shooting with one of our trusted second photographers (not a glorified assistant) is $4000 and up. Rhee and Kelvin as a team, shooting together, well, don’t really have packages - we include everything you would need for $5800. You can add on fancier albums, or wall art, but it’s not required or expected. We’re happy to send you a PDF that goes into more detail, just send us an email here.

Have you won any awards, Rhee?

My weddings have been featured in Grace Ormonde Wedding Style, Ceremony, Today's Bride, the Knot magazine, Bride’s magazine and other wedding related magazines, as well as Susie Coelho’s book, Style Your Dream Wedding.

I was named one of the top 100 wedding photojournalists of the year internationally by the WPJA in 2006 and 2008, earning top ten spots with images "as is" out of the camera, with no retouching.

And my images were chosen in Bride’s magazine’s contest for the best wedding images in the country for both 2008 and 2009.

Then I got too busy to enter any more contests! I've gotten WeddingWire's Bride's Choice for several years, but those are based on the number of reviews and not by peer review.

Do you travel?

Anything within 60 miles of San Jose is our usual coverage area, and we often go up to Wine Country and down to Carmel and Monterey. Chicago, New York, Italy, an island somewhere? YES INDEED, just cover our travel. Okay, if it's somewhere we can make a vacation out of it, that might be waived, LOL. Especially Italy!

What about Indian weddings?

Our multi-day celebrations allow you to divide up at least 15 hours (and up to 25!) over as many days as you need. Please ask for us to send you our Indian wedding PDF.

Can my family take photos?

Absolutely! The only time we ask them to put the cameras away is during the ceremony. Do you really want ten or twelve iPhones held overhead, blocking our only shooting path in the back of the church? Or Uncle George’s rear end in the aisle during the first kiss? (And yup, it’s happened, LOL!) But any other time, YES!!!

Hey Rhee, who shot YOUR wedding?

Kelvin! And my friends Jason Bennett, Kim Sayre and Carol Thelen, who were instructed to enjoy being guests but couldn't NOT shoot, LOL! Want to see Rhee as a bride?

* Love is Love. All faiths and couples are welcomed and cherished.

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