All About Albums

 Our included Album: The Duchess

I'm not just capturing pretty pictures on your wedding day. I'm capturing this time for your future children to experience, and I take that obligation very seriously.

The Included Album: The Duchess Three-Album Set

We include an album with all of our packages. It's a mid-sized album similar to our Storybook (such as clean styling and your choice of binding), but with two very special pluses - it comes with two smaller duplicate albums for your parents included! Surprise!

With the exception of the Duchess set, all albums have a lifetime guarantee that they won't fade, or peel off, or ever look like crap. Why not the Duchess? That lifetime warranty means top of the line - and top of the line pricing.

And while the Duchess set does not have a lifetime warranty, it DOES allow me to put a quality product in every couples' hands at a fraction of what my other custom albums cost.

It does have a warranty, and the prints are true photographic prints guaranteed for 80 years by Fuji and Kodak not to bend or fade.

 What We're Known For: the Storybook

Besides shooting, I love to create these stories on photographic paper!

You tell me which images you cannot live without, a number of pages or images we should shoot for, and let me craft the story for you.

I pull from every part of the day, and every album includes a spread of “party candids” to add life and fun to your album. These albums have a lifetime warranty. Yes, lifetime - they’re handcrafted here by a family in Livermore who stand by their work.

 Our Glitz and Glam: The Bling Album

Similar to our Storybook, but with full page images, metallic prints and acrylic cover. The true photographic prints make up the entire page, are protected by a gloss finish. Nothing but glam!

The Unique: Japanese Papercraft Album

Handmade from start to finish, Japanese artisans mount our images, add textured papers and graphic elements, cutouts and paper folds, for an album that resembles a high-end pop-up book! Available with or without leather.

 Our Work of Art: the Duo

A combination of matted pages and flushmount pages is perfect for those with a more classic album taste.

Clean modern lines, and two types of fine art paper giclee printing, make this upscale album more of a museum piece.

* Love is Love. All faiths and couples are welcomed and cherished.

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